Cygne Salé


Cygne Salé

With an even more clear vision of the brand I was creating I started to pull from all of the established pieces to create a logo suite. Starting off easy I grabbed the star-like design within the pattern. Reserving it to be used as an icon. Moving on I grabbed my script font and typed out the name I had chosen - Cygne Salé. Sitting with the way this looked simply typed out I made mental notes of small adjustments that needed to be made to better suite a logo. Making these adjustments and playing a bit with some ideas, I settled on the title. Building off of the title I created three logos that provided versatility, context, and personality to the brand. 

Pairing a few different fonts together I realized I was overthinking my decision far too much. I selected a beautifully elegant script font and paired it with a nice structured san serif and finished off the grouping with a favorite of mine for the body font.
Now to find the perfect color palette to pull everything together, I started where I tend to always lean towards - any shade of green. But it just didn't work, so I ventured out to a color I rarely use - blue. Surprised and pleased I continued on building the color palette one color at a time.

Thinking this might be a common occurrence in coffee/bakery branding, I took to Pinterest to check the commonality of this idea that I couldn't shake. Finding many examples of checkered patterns being used but nothing with penny tile. So I started to build out a pattern. After playing with a few different options of how to layout the accents within, I stuck with a simple and classic star-like layout. Pleased with this design, I moved on to other, arguably more important, parts of the brand.

I started by creating a mood board, saving any stock photos that even came close to what I was imagining. I settled on a few that I thought best suited the concept and immediately opened up Illustrator to start creating. I was set on this idea that this place would most definitely have elegant penny tile floors.

The concept behind my passion project, Cygne Salé, goes as follows: Imagine you're strolling down the street when suddenly the sky opens up and a downpour of rain begins to fall. You run into the closest coffee shop you can find - Cygne Salé. As soon as you open the door, you're hit with a warm, cozy breeze carrying scents of buttered bread, coffee, and something sweet. You snag an open table, and not knowing a lick of French, you look up the name, Cygne Salé - meaning "Salted Swan." Flustered by the name, you get up to order their signature latte and a buttered croissant and return to your seat. The barista drops by and leaves you with a latte decorated with milk art of a swan and a croissant topped with a tasteful bit of chunky salt. Clearly, I had a lot of fun with this project and created a place that I wish I could visit.